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Attack of the Killer Frog

"So, what's this curse you guys were talking about?" Haunna asked Theresa and I.
I laughed.
We were in Theresa's car, headed to Millie's place for the meeting. "We started having LHPS meetings at Millie's a couple years ago," I explained. "Theresa and I started riding together, but we could never manage to find our way home."
"Even with a GPS," Theresa added. "Not once could we find the right way. The first time, we had Taylor with us, and we wound up riding some weird road in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly we were in McElhattan."
"The second time," I said,"It was like one of those Stephen King movies where the couple keeps driving into the same town over and over. No mater what direction we thought we were going, we kept driving into Millie's neighborhood."
"We even tried it with the GPS once," Theresa pointed out. "And we still couldn't do it."
"When Charlie joined the team, I figured I was safer riding with her," I said. "But since Millie's moving, tonight may be the last chance Theresa and I have to beat the curse."
It's one of the things I like about being on a ghost-hunting team. After a couple of years together, the memories are there. Not just investigations, but a lot of weird, entertaining memories.
We arrived at Millie's, and went in. Jen, Millie, and Charlie joined us in the living room.
"We need an investigation," Millie said.
"We do," agreed Jen. "Lou, is there maybe an abandoned mental hospital that might let us in?"
"....Maybe," I said. "Let me give that some thought. Theresa, I found something recently---It's an infrared lamp. It's supposed to be used for arthritis, but do you think there's any application for ghost-hunting?"
"You mean, if we needed to light up the infrared cameras more, but still wanted the room dark?" Theresa asked.
"Yeah, something like that, I think."
"Maybe we could. We'll have to play with it, experiment around."
We talked business a while, and then stepped outside so Jen could smoke. Generally, there are a couple of smokers, but Theresa has been quitting---Jen's the only one left. Theresa has been puffing on one of those fake cigarettes for weeks.
"What's that sound?" Charlie asked.
"Tree frogs," said Millie. "They're everywhere, but we haven't seen one yet."
We listened to the tree frog sounds for a minute. They made this loud, chirping noise that was almost birdlike. One of them made a noise by the pool.
We listened as Jen smoked her cigarette, and Theresa smoked her fake one. Charlie and I leaned against the railing. And I stood with my friends, and listened to the tree frogs.
I've had a few perfect moments in my life. Moments that were so perfect, and so peaceful and comforting, that I knew I'd never forget the feeling.
This particular moment had no intention of being one of those.
"That one's close!" Charlie cried, and darted toward the pool.
I followed her. We walked around a bit, listened, tried to focus in. It was a little like looking for a noisy geocache.
Then it chirped again. Charlie and I both looked in the direction.
"Right there," she said. "By the pool."
"We're gonna need a flashlight," I said, and ran in.
Jen and Theresa were inside as I dug in my pack for a flashlight. I said,"We almost got him!"
"No way," said Jen, and followed me out.
You wouldn't think a bunch of professional ghost hunters would get all hysterical about looking for a small frog. But that's because you don't actually know any professional ghost hunters.
We stalked around the pool, shining our flashlights into corners. Theresa and Jen, who originally hadn't been that interested, joined us. We all spread out, checking the pool. Seriously, we're not this organized when we hunt actual ghosts.
Then it chirped again.
"That was right here," said Charlie. We looked at the deck. "It's right around here....Maybe under that pool toy?"
I lifted up the pool toy, and Charlie and Millie gasped.
"There he is!" Charlie pointed.
A little, speckled, brown-green frog was sitting on the deck. I took a photo.
"He's actually kind of cute," said Charlie.
"I don't see it," commented Jen.
"All these years I've been living here," said Millie,"And I never actually saw one of them before. It's nice I got to before I move."

And when we left, this time, Theresa and I had no problem getting home. We beat the curse. Which means we got better at navigating, or tree frogs are lucky.


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