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The Halloween Meeting

A witch, a gypsy, Mother Nature, Darth Vader, and the Emporer stood around a table eating sandwiches.
There's no punchline. It isn't a joke.
Maybe I should back up a bit.
Charlie showed up at my place around six o'clock. I let her in, and she petted the dogs as they gathered around. I said,"Got your lightsaber."
"Oh, cool," she said. "I didn't have one of these double-bladed ones. I have the robe, and I put some makeup on my face."
"Got my helmet," I said, pulling my Darth Vader helmet on. "I picked it up at the Goodwill last spring for about two bucks. You ready?"
She nodded. "Let's go."

LHPS has a meeting every month. This meeting was at Millie's house, which is realistically the only place to have a meeting in October. Millie loves Halloween, and decorates her place more elaborately than the White House.
Theresa had decreed that this meeting was to be a costume meeting, with no wussing out. Charlie and I had decided to go on a Star Wars theme, and been discussing it all week. I was Darth Vader, and she was the Emporer. We looked pretty bad-ass.
"Hope we can find the place again," commented Charlie. "We all seem to have trouble getting in and out of Millie's."
"It won't be a problem this time of year." I grinned. "When Halloween rolls around, you can see Millie's front yard from space without a telescope."
We found the place. Millie already had gravestones and punpkins all over her front yard. We pulled in and got out of the car, and threw our costumes on. Jen came out, dressed as a gypsy.
"Cool, Jen," I said. "You look like that Annie Snyder painting in my office."
"I don't know if that's a good thing," she said.
"Sure it is. Annie Snyder was a talented artist."
Charlie started into the house, and jumped---Millie had a small electronic animal making growling noises on a motion detector. "I thought the cat was growling at me," she said.
"That will likely not be the only thing jumping out at you tonight," I warned her.
"Can you even see in that helmet?"
In the kitchen, Millie was elegantly dressed as a witch. She had the food out, and we all gathered around. I ducked down the hall for a minute, and came back. "Green glow sticks in the toilet, Millie? Really?"
"Isn't that neat? I got the idea from a magazine."
"And I thought you went overboard last year."
Theresa came in, dressed in an elaborate Mother Nature outfit. She looked at the rest of us and laughed. "We gotta get pictures of this."
"I'll get my husband to take one of us," Millie said.
I handed my camera to Jen. "Get one of the two Sith Lords."
Charlie and I stood together, and Jen took our picture. I said,"I have no idea why I just smiled for that."
"Everyone gather up---Taller people in the back. Lou." Theresa organized us, and we got a group photo taken.
"Who wants a sandwich?" asked Millie.
As we gathered around the food, Theresa said,"I talked to Matt briefly about the ghost walk. And Lou, you had the Heisey event?"
"It's the 28th," I said. "Fundraising. If you guys can make it for that, I'd be grateful. And Sara from Bellefonte wants us to investigate her place again...."


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